New Frame Productions 

"James brought a wonderful energy to the rehearsal room, worked well with the performers and created some quality choreographic work. During technical rehearsals James was on hand to support the company and collaborate with the sound and lighting designers where necessary. He showed adaptability and strength of character and ensured he cast were confident with their routines. James worked particularly well with a young person who was guest staring in the production - They were new to live performance and James successfully build their confidence ready for the show.


James took great care to offer us additional support backstage and front of house proving himself to be a team player. His diligence surrounding Covid-19 rules both in the rehearsal room and venue were also noted by the team."

- Robin Rayner

Producer at New Frame Productions


 HIgh Flying Productions 


"James’s knowledge is vast and when the technical team ran into extreme
difficulties James was the conscientious director who worked with them until 4am ensuring that the opening night went ahead as planned. He was also able to provide extra crew due to his connections at very short notice. James’s artistic value to a production is quite simply second to none. Every direction is profound and his ideas are intelligent and unique, providing an outstanding production which leave the audience filled with delight."

- Vanessa Buckley

Producer at High Flying Productions